Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally! Me and My new Blog!!!!!!

My friend and photographer,  Erin Brauer, has finally inspired me to get started on my new blog.  This will allow me to share my inspirations, thoughts, healing experiences and what is going on with Healing People and Pets.  Here is one of the images that Erin took in my beautiful garden.
 Freedom to be Free is Freeing

Healing for Neela

I did a healing last week on an Italian Mastiff Cane Courso called Neela. The most beautiful grey colored  dog with the most loving temperament.  Also in the furry family was Meesha, a Burmese Mountain dog and an eighteen year old cat called Buzz (who thinks he is a dog!).  Neela and Meesha are so connected with each other and have been since they were puppies.  Seeing the interactions between them all was so uplifting to behold.