Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Angel with 4 legs - Bucky

Bucky is staying with us for two weeks as his owners are out of town.  Mellow and magnificent are two words that stand out.  A white furry bundle of love and angelic energy on four legs.  What breed is he?
Who knows, definitely a combination of breeds. It's irrelevant as everybody who meets him falls in love with the essence of love that emanates from him.  He's got me round all his paws!  Talk about being spoiled, all he has to do is look at me with his adoring brown eyes, roll over on his back and I stop doing everything and come over and kiss and cuddle him.  Since staying here he's been to visit the Sun Trust bank, the manager remember him from last year!  The optician where he was totally fawned over, offered water before they even spoke to me!  No problem I can handle it!  Stayed in the healing room very quietly with the clients who came for healing.  It's been so brilliant having him here, it reminds me of my dogs Voguie and Cosmo.   One thing you should know, Bucky does not like being a celebrity and having his picture taken,  but I was able to take this great picture of him in our garden.


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