Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meet Jemima and Jessica (not dogs!)

Martin my husband is busy building the Taj Mahal of chicken coops!  It took him a full week to make a five star residence for the arrival of the new chickens which had come from a friend.  Be careful what you wish for in life, the universe hears you!  He had been to a chicken show with a friend and it opened his eyes to the multiple different breeds of chickens.  Many of them are pets and show chickens,  fluffy ones, multi-colored ones, a total abundance that one would never imagine unless you see for yourself.
Ours came with names but I knew that they needed new ones and it came to me early one morning.
Jemima and Jessica!  they  are big chickens,  Jemima is the white  Golden Comet and Jessica the Light Brahma brown.    Now for the eggs!  we get the most amazing tasting eggs, two eggs per day.  Interesting how popular we have become once our friends get to taste the eggs!   The main thing is that they have freedom to just be chickens, have the space to be and do chicken things.  Don't forget the personality, they are both very sociable and talkative.   Martin lets them out every day and they are now feeling so relaxed and "at home"  they ventured out onto our main lawn as you will see from the picture.  Watch this space for more chicken news!

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